Rodrigo Osornio
Product designer
Design, illustration and code

apli website.

Re-design of company's website.

As a collaborator for Apli and with the help of the managers and some of the colleagues from the design team, I lead the re-design of the company’s website.

The first step was an exploration with the CEO’s and marketing guys to understand what we wanted to communicate about the company in the website. It was important to define the correct message we wanted to transmit with the help of the language, the visual style and the interaction. We created a mood-board with references from other websites of companies that were in the same mood of our intentions.


Based on the research, we define a first approach to the desired architecture information, one important requirement was the multilingual content. With this in mind I could started working on the sitemap and first low-fi wireframes.



At the same time, we were exploring the visual style. Three key elements in this field during the development of the project, were the typography, the color pallet and the illustrations.

illustrations-detailsillustration details

Another very important element was the navigation. The goal was a simple and logical organization, easily accessible with few click, direct the user to the sections that are important. One remarkable detail was the progress bar, that divides each of the sections and at the same time works as a sticky element which shows the actual progress of the page.


Styles and components

I defined the different styles that will be used in the site and designed some components like buttons, separators, bullets, link blocks, dropdown menus, a footer. Each component also with its different states. Every element should be aligned with the general concept.

components-detailbutton interaction

Responsive design

Since the initial plan, the website was conceived as a responsive site. The analytics showed a higher number of visitors from the desktop, but we wanted to communicate the same powerful message and experience for the mobile users. So in every format that the website is visited the result should be delightful.

responsive-designresponsive design